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Main » 2010 » November » 14 » Lets SPY On A Mobile Phone
10:02 AM
Lets SPY On A Mobile Phone
Posted By Chnitan Gurjar,


Hi guys this is chintan again.Today I am going to show you that how to spy on the mobile phone.there is a software named "Mobile-Spy",this software is used to spy on the any mobile phone.It records every sms and its information and also the GPS position of the mobile phone if it has a GPS then.

Working Function 

Steps :- 

Step 1 :-  Customer buys this mobile-spy software and first it installs and  
              configures the software in to the mobile as he/she wants the records 
              according to their need.

Step 2 :-  The user of the phone performs its regular basis activities like calls,
               Sms,and internet and all that.That mobile-spy software records 
               everything and it uploads the logs on to the mobile-spy'server but 
               very silently.It doesn't let the user of the phone aware about that
               he is being tracked by spy.

Step 3 :- Then the person who has installed that software into that 
             Mobile,he/she will have an account into mobile-spy server.He/she will 
             be log in into his/her account online through internet and then he/she 
             can see the all logs and can watch on that particular victim.

This mobile spy software can be used for smart phones,nokia phones,Anroid,Black Berry,Windows Mobile Phones,Apple Iphones,Symbain OS 8 and 9 and all other software related phones.Every time when mobile is going to be switched off and on it will start that mobile-spy software silently and start recording will also not show that the processing is will be start on the hidden mode so the victim will be really not aware of that.

Advance Features of Softwares :- 

--> Text SMS Logs :- Which will record all the text SMS with the sender and receiver's    

--> GPS Location :- If the Victim is using GPRS or the GPRS is on in his device it will be tracked 
                                    and the user can see the location where he/she is also the longitude and 

--> Website :- If victim is using the internet this mobile-spy will record every site which is going 
                           to be surfed by the person.

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