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Main » 2010 » November » 23 » Download Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition i386 (1xCD/2010)
12:25 PM
Download Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition i386 (1xCD/2010)

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition i386 (1xCD/2010) | 695 MB

Ubuntu Netbook Edition - a simple, safe and reliable way to use your laptop computer. Ubuntu Netbook gives you instant access to all the free applications that you need, wherever you are.

Costoyalsya long-awaited release a new version of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. In the first few hours, if not minutes, the network was filled with joyful messages with links for downloading images. The vast majority of reviewers have written about the system and shared their impressions, but most did not notice the yield and netbukov version, which also suffered significant changes.

This version of Ubuntu specifically designed for devices with small screen with poor hardware performance. Ubuntu Netbook Edition interface looks great on small screens, and provides a comfortable feel, even on low-power machines.

As we can see, Ubuntu is balanced in every sense of the desktop, in which the workspace is involved to the maximum. All programs are divided into categories that have clear icons that will not let messy.

A very long time the biggest challenge of any Linux distribution has been its interface, but the company Canonical, like no other, gives him a lot of time and effort, resulting in Ubuntu can be called one of the friendliest distribution.

When you run Ubuntu, you will see the docking bar, which is located on the left, and a standard Ubuntu bar, which passes above the full width of the workspace. To start the application you want simply click on the icon in the Dock bar.

If the application is running, but currently inactive and collapsed, then when you hover on its icon it seemed to be activated and you will see all the open windows of this application. This is made possible in Windows 7, when the cursor hovers over the icon in the super-bar running application, it displays the windows of the program.

If the program has several windows, then when you move all windows will be displayed in such a way that would not be close to each other and maximize the viewing of their contents.

To enter the program need not switch to it, simply right click on the icon in the dock bar and select the desired item, so you can also delete the label is already unnecessary programs from the tray.

Most netbukov has a fairly small screen size, so when you run multiple programs of their labels can not be placed in a docking pane. What would you have ever seen all running applications, the developers decided to put their labels of "accordion" that you would not be lost in the applications. When the mouse is such a "harmony", she straightened, and becoming a full part of the docking bar, with all its possibilities.

This approach to organizing the working space is very well suited to work with netbukom or other device that has such a small screen sizes. As we see, almost all operating systems have some similar panels, which greatly help in working with numerous programs.

If you click on Ubuntu you will see the Quick Launch toolbar, on which the icons are the most frequently used applications, including such icons may make browsers, media players, etc.

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