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Main » 2010 » December » 7 » Avast AV Piracy - Why Did Avast Didn't Took Action ?
8:30 AM
Avast AV Piracy - Why Did Avast Didn't Took Action ?

One Avast Anti virus was spotted with the license Key.And that was distributed online.Many Users and organizations were using it.As you guys know one license anti virus cant run over among all PC.But AVAST didn't take any action.They wanted to simply monitor that how many users are using it.

The license spread virally via file-sharing sites and has been detected on a number of warez sites around the world. After nearly a year and a half, 774,651 active users were tracked through their IP address, and it turns out that the software had been installed in more than 200 different countries.

Top Countries

  1. Russia
  2. Mexico
  3. Brazil
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. USA
  7. India
  8. Philippines
  9. France
  10. Ukraine
  11. Argentina
  12. Thailand
Avast Wanted Just simply marketing purpose thats why they didnt stop that spreading.The spearing was done by numbers of warez websites and file sharing websites.

Avast Software is currently in the process of "converting" these users - they are actually trying to turn this experiment into a marketing opportunity. The following notice pops-up on the users' screen.

Pressing the "Fix this situation" button, they are notified that they will be cut off from virus database updates, but that they have a choice of converting to avast! Free Antivirus or buying avast! Pro Antivirus.

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Nice post dude....but rarely users`l use something new revels..:) keep posting like dis...


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