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Main » 2011 » March » 9 » OMG ! Google Is Tracking Me …. !! | Chintan Gurjar
8:51 AM
OMG ! Google Is Tracking Me …. !! | Chintan Gurjar


  • Where you are searching anything from the google and if your gamil account is already logged in then Google builds up a detailed profile of your search tearms over many time ago(Since when you signed up your gmail account and using google to search everything.)
  • So according to their inbuilt facility may be google knews that when you were last pregnant and what diseases your children have.Becase you have already searched on all this tearms.
  • To track all this google keeps it cookies in your System and tracks each and every information,that you are going to search on the WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  • Sometimes if person is interested in more hacking and he has tried many malcious different dorks in the google then google server sometimes gives that person alert that you are trying malcious scripts or the dorks in the google server.And finally sometimes it bans also the person’s particular IP to access the google server.


  • Here is the simplest tool which helps you to remove the google cookie from your PC.And it allows us to be stay anonymous on the Google.Tool name is G-Zapper.This helps you to stay anonymous while searching google by deleting or blocking the google cookie that tracks preferences and search history.
  • I was using Internet Explorer and did the random search int he google.Then it stored this cookies at this particular time in my PC.

  • Now  i will install this tool that is G-Zapper.And when i will open it it will be look like this.

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