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Ethical Hacking - By Chintan Gurjar

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  • Sometimes you read about a criminal who is so much of a small-minded pervert and borderline mutant you almost can’t help but admire him. George Bronk is just such a criminal: the 23-year old has just pleased guilty to hacking into the email accounts of 3,200 girls, looking for nude photographs, then posting the pictures to their public Facebook profiles. That’s some single-minded skeeviness.
  • Bronk was arrested in late October after he used the same technique that was popularized by hacker David Kernell to break into Sarah Palin’s email. Namely, Bronk scoured his victims’ Facebook accounts looking for the answers to security questions used for password recovery by services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
  • Onc ... Read more »
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Here In the title i have mentioned that "Man Tunnels" It means that he literally tunneled into the system.

Game Piracy is the business all over the world.But there are some guys who don't need to do piracy.They are digging into the system of the local game shop sites and making stocks as much as then can in no time.

This man has stolen games like Greeneville & Tennesse , After that he got arrested in last week for being tunneling into the local game shop.Steven Archer, 33, making off with almost $300 in cash and around $5,400 in games.

But truth always wins.He could not enjoy his his gotten gains ( The games which are stolen By this man )and he got arrested last we ... Read more »
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