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Ethical Hacking - By Chintan Gurjar

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A dangerous XSS bug surfaced on Twitter on Monday, and researchers have seen active exploits for the bug, which allows an attacker to steal the session cookie of a Twitter user with a simple click-and-you're-owned technique.

Experts say that the attacks seem to be emanating from domains in Brazil, and that more than 100,000 users had already clicked on one malicious shortened URL related to the attack.And that's just one link. It's unclear how many other malicious links have b ... Read more »
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Punishment for Cyber Crime in India

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AN INDIAN HACKER who managed to show how it was a doddle to steal an election using electronic voting machines has been released from the clutches of the local constabulary.

E-voting researcher Hari Prasad was released from jail after seven days in police custody.

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Nart Villeneuve has published a detailed summary of recent malware attacks on media and human rights groups who work on Chinese issues. He highlights a disturbing new trend. On Wednesday, Amnesty Hong Kong's website was repurposed by hackers to infect visitors with a wide variety of nasty malware.  ... Read more »
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Man in the browser (MITB) attacks are a new threat which consumers will face and the hacking industry is widely adopting, especially as many security products are not mature enough yet to deal with this problem.

File security. With Sharepoint being the fastest growing product in Microsoft history and data growing at a 60% annual rate, file security will b ... Read more »
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Internet traffic is drawn to a halt. Visitor trust is jeopardized. Getting hacked is a crippling experience for any website owner. Some users are even put out of business, losing money as the result of an attack. To help mitigate this threat, Go Daddy has created Site Scanner. The product locates website security weaknesses and then provides suggestions to fix them.

The latest WhiteHat Website Security Statistics Report, a quarterly publication highlighting online security tren ... Read more »
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Most of the major television networks—CBS, ABC, and NBC, as well as—have blocked Google TV's from accessing their online offerings, on the grounds that allowing users to watch videos at damages the website's ability to earn revenue. The networks' stance almost guarantees that the question of what is and isn't blockable will end up in court—but irate Google TV owners and hackers in general aren't waiting for a legal decision.

According to a recent blog post ... Read more »
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Cyber Command Achieves Full Operational Capability

Department of Defense announced today that U.S. Cyber Command has achieved full operational capability (FOC).

Achieving FOC involved U.S. Cyber Command completing a number of critical tasks to ensure it was capable of accomplishing its mission. U.S. ... Read more »
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