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Ethical Hacking - By Chintan Gurjar

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GLOBAL finance giant Citigroup is denying reports hackers stole "tens of millions” of dollars from its banking arm Citibank midway through the year.

The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported the money was lost to "malicious software created in Russia” and that the case was being investigated by the FBI.

The Wall Street Journal reported a specialised piece of malware known as "Black Energy” was behind the losses, having been modified to steal banking authent ... Read more »
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The use of computers and the internet has expanded exponentially over the years. Along with this increased use of the World Wide Web comes a surge of crimes that are specific to the cyber world and very detrimental to a society that relies on these computers. Everyone who uses the internet is a potential victim. In the enforcement of these criminal offenses, it is imperative to incarcerate the small percentage who are criminal users and to protect the majority of users who are innocent. There is a broad spectrum of computer and internet crimes and they are often ... Read more »
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In my openion, the Cyber security is a human problem, but not a technology problem. Sure it manifests itself through technology, but unless, and until you realise that humans are at the heart of it, you are never going to crack it.

What does this mean? It means we doesn’t just hire computer geeks — not just brought electronic engineers and computer scientists — But better is to hires human scientists and even sociologists..BUT WHY??? Because We can’t claim to understand the sys ... Read more »
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The Ministry of Defence is battling a wave of copycat attacks after a hacker took down the Royal Navy's public website this week.

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8 Handy Yahoo Tips for Yahoo Messenger

Below are yahoo tips for messenger whic ... Read more »
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Posted By Chintan Gurjar,

Among all web browser firefox is the very popular and user friendly browser.Because it is flexible and much and more quality compare to another browser.Among web designers, the Firefox browser is popular because of user-friendly interface and its various features. Add-ons make Firefox especially valuable to web designers. Here is a list of the top 10 must-have add-ons you’ll want to use if you’re a web designer.Thats why it is so much popular.

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Wanna cheap but good web hosting ? Dream host is solution for you . Below I have mentioned some reasons to choose dream host:

  1. Unlimited hosting
  2. ... Read more »

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A security guru has debunked cyber war and cyber terrorism myths.

The threats of cyber war and cyber terrorism have been grossly exaggerated and are hindering a real understanding of risks on the internet, one of the world’s leading information security experts has said. Bruce Schneier, the author and security technologist who is also chief security technology officer wit ... Read more »
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Orkut users have lately been targeted with a clever scheme that redirects them to phishing pages without them having to do anything except visit a compromised account.

Using malicious applications that were made available in the Apps Directory, the phishers let the users do the dirty work themselves. Attracted by possibilities such as being able to watch TV channels online, users would add the application to their profiles and, from then on, every ... Read more »
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Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.5 and Security Update 2010 - 007 which increases the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

New Security Changes Will Affect This all below mentioned Things.
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