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Ethical Hacking - By Chintan Gurjar

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The web server of CitySights NY - a company that organizes tours around New York on double-decker buses - has been breached and names, addresses, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, their expiration dates and Card Verification Value 2 codes belonging to 110,000 of their customers have been stolen. 

The breach is thought to have happened on September 26, when the attackers uploaded a script using an SQL injection attack, which allowed them to access the da ... Read more »
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1) An error exists when parsing RealAudio content encoded using the "cook" codec. This can be exploited to trigger the use of uninitialized memory and potentially cause a memory corruption via e.g. a specially crafted RealMedia file.

2) An error in the handling of errors encou ... Read more »

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A stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft Office has recently been spotted being exploited in the wild by attackers aiming at getting control of targeted systems. 

The flaw has been patched and the patch issued by Microsoft back in November, but the attackers clearly count on those users that don't keep their software up-to-date and don't have the habit of patching it regularly. 
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To Obtain:

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Wikileaks Rival Site Openleaks Coming Soon by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Daniel Domscheit-Berg from Germany, who was second-in-command at Wikileaks says he is preparing to start up an alternative to Wikileaks.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who left Wikileaks after disagreements with Julian Assange, the site's Australian founder, plans to launch Openleaks in the months ahead.

Domscheit-Berg and Openleaks' co-founders say the site will differ from Wikileaks in that it will not verify material or publish material, leaving that role to newspapers, "NGOs, labor unions and other in ... Read more »
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An intrusion detection system (IDS) is used to monitor the entire network, it detects intruders; that is, unexpected, unwanted or unauthorized people or programs on network.
An intrusion detection system have a number of sensors that is used to detect unwanted or unexpected flow of network traffic, the major sensors as follows:

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WikiLeaks Reveled The Biggest Cybercrime of All Time

SOURCE: Cat Techie

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One Avast Anti virus was spotted with the license Key.And that was distributed online.Many Users and organizations were using it.As you guys know one license anti virus cant run over among all PC.But AVAST didn't take any action.They wanted to simply monitor that how many users are using it.

The license spread virally via file-sharing sites and has been detected on a number of warez sites around the world. After nearly a year and a half, 774,651 active users were tracked through their IP address, and it turns out that the software had been installed in more than 200 different countries.

Top ... Read more »

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Today I'm excited to introduce you to some improvements we've made to the Facebook profile, so now it's even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends.


A New Introduction

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